About us

UAB “Bitas” was founded in Kaunas in 1989. Their activities started from a cooperation “Lietuvos Telekomas” (Lithuanian Telecom) and “Lietuvos Dujos”. Operations included designing various measuring instruments, connection multiplexed systems, telemetric system gas parameter meters.

Initially the company focused on production automation and management processes. Some prime examples are the voting systems in the Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas, Vilnius and Kaunas municipalities. These systems have been performing well up till now.

Currently the company has increased production as well as the variety of product. The company has adopted a cuntinuous improvement program in order to keep current with technological inovations.

Company's specialization includes production of various gas analyzers and detectors (for corrosion depth measurement), gas parameter meters, heating controllers, cathode stations as well as customized electronic products.